10 Quick Beauty Tips To Give Yourself A Complete Makeover And A New Look

Changing your look every once in a while can give you a great confidence boost. So, here are 10 quick beauty tips to give yourself a complete makeover: (You can try just one or combine them all to totally transform your appearance).

  1. Cut Your Bangs
    Bangs can transform your look overnight. If you think you might regret cutting your own hair, buy some clip-in bangs that match your natural hair color.
  2. Get Eyelash Extensions
    Eyelash extensions can help to make your eyes stand out but improving not only the length but the thickness of your lashes. You can use temporary glue in extensions or try semi-permanent professional sewn in lashes. Go get eyelash extensions to an eyelash extension salon near you.
  3. Experiment With Coloured Contacts
    Changing your natural eye color is now possible with a range of non-prescription colored contacts.
  4. Use Fake Tan
    Using a tinted face moisturizer that contains fake tan can give your face a sunkissed glow without the need to use bronzer.
  5. Dye Your Hair
    One of the faster ways to change your look is to dye your hair a completely different color. You don’t have to use a permanent dye. There are now many great semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes in stores that can allow you to experiment with new hair colors every week.
  6. Switch Up Your Earrings
    If you have your ear pierced, try wearing a different pair of earrings to your everyday studs. If you don’t have your ear pierced, you can try magnetic or clip-on earrings.
  7. Explore Your Eye Shadow Pallet
    If you are used to sporting the natural look, try applying some bright colored eye shadow. Look for the colors in your pallet that have never been touched. For extra glam, use eye shadow with glitter.
  8. Try Coloured Eyeliner
    Most people stick to black or dark brown liquid eyeliner, but it is now possible to buy eyeliner pencils in all different shades including dark green, blue and white.
  9. Use A Dark Lip Stain
    Tinted lip stain will give your lips a dark, sultry look. Unlike lipstick, lip stain has better staying-power, so it should last all night without the need for reapplication.
  10. Learn Contouring
    With the right contouring and highlighting techniques, you can sculpt the appearance of your face to give the illusion of a different shape.

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